2019 Productivity Tips and Tools by DM Heebner

The start of a new year typically signals, for many of us, the start of new habits, resolutions and commitments. Whether it’s exercising, eating healthy, professional goals, personal goals, creative goals, you most likely have a few things kicking around that you’d like to accomplish over the next 365 days.

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Georgetown Art Center by DM Heebner

I’m a firm believer that the arts are an extremely important component to any community, especially small communities. The arts provide an avenue of culture, education, discussion and experiences that can range from political to purely artistic, displayed in everything from poetry to painting to photography to the theatre. There’s really no limit to how impactful the arts can be to a city or town.

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My Favorite Photograph by DM Heebner

I love taking photographs. I carry a camera with me almost everywhere I go. Photography is something I've always had a quiet fascination with. The art of capturing a moment, making time stand still, and evoking emotion from a memory has always seemed like the highest form of art.  

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A Quiet Day by DM Heebner

To kick off the start of a very busy month and even busier season of school, work and travel, I took myself on a personal retreat. I drove to Mission San Luis Rey in Oceanside, California for a day of retreat, meditation, reading, writing, silence, and solitude. As an artist, spiritual individual, Enneagram 4(w5), INFJ, and whatever other indicators that I'm an extreme introvert, I felt taking a vow of silence for a day at a monastery would be a great way to recharge. 

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What Kind of Camera Should I Buy? by DM Heebner

What Kind of Camera Should I Buy? is one of the most common questions I get asked when people find out I'm a professional photographer. I love talking about cameras, the history of cameras, technological advances, and where the market is headed. But, most people aren't looking for me to geek out, they simply want to know what kind of camera they should buy. It's a fair and valid question considering the market is saturated with options: Nikon...Canon...Fuji...Leica...Hasselblad...Sony...the list is endless.

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That Perfect House by DM Heebner

Every once in awhile I'll get the opportunity to photograph one of those perfect houses. You know, the ones where the moment you walk in you're overwhelmed by how masterfully the architecture and decor compliment each other, and how, if they'd let you, you'd move right in.

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Smokey Mo's by DM Heebner

If I've learned anything over the last 4 years in Austin it's that Texans love two things: Texas and BBQ. Growing up in New York a BBQ meant hamburgers, hot dogs, and spiedies. It didn't really matter if the grill was charcoal or gas, whatever you had was good enough. It took almost no time to learn that BBQ in Texas is a far cry from what I'm used to and is, in fact, a sacred, time-honored, regionally specific craft.

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Reflections: Balboa At Night by DM Heebner

Balboa At Night is one of my early photographs. It's not my first, but one of my very early ones. It wasn't overly planned or strategically scouted. I was on a walk with B, looked over and loved the reflection in the pool.

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Welcome to the Haus by DM Heebner

For many people, 2017 ushered in the opportunity to start over, start new, and start fresh. That sentiment was shared here at Oxford Haus and it seemed like the perfect time to rebrand and relaunch. Welcome to 2017 and welcome to Oxford Haus!

Let's begin our tour...

Oxford Haus began as a side project in 2013 in San Diego, California. You can read all about me (DM) and Oxford Haus here.

OH focuses on 3 things:

1. Photography
2. Graphic Design
3. Marketing/Consulting/Brand Identity

Check out the Services page to find out all of the ways Oxford Haus can assist you.

To keep up to date with the latest projects, travels, and info, visit the News section.  

If you'd like to contact and work with Oxford Haus, all of the info is available on the Contact page along with a way to follow us on social media and sign up for the Haus Updates newsletter.

Finally, to check out what's been going on at the Haus visit the Photography and Design portfolios. New projects and photos will be added regularly, so make sure to stop by often!

There are some exciting things in the works for 2017 and I can't wait to share them with you. Thanks for taking the tour and enjoy exploring the new site!