I Tried Going On Vacation / by DM Heebner

This last week I tried going on a vacation. I'm talking a real deal, leave work behind, relax and take in the sights kind of vacation. When you work as a professional photographer this is almost impossible, you never feel "off". Everywhere you go you're always looking around, noticing angles and light. You're afraid of missing one of those great moments. It only takes one missed moment to haunt you to the point that you can never go anywhere without a camera. (I vividly remember my missed moment...!) If you've traveled with me, or any photographer, you know that a good majority of our luggage includes cameras, lenses, batteries, etc. This time around I tried really hard. I packed one camera and tried to live in the moments rather than capture them. I'd say I did alright but still couldn't help myself from capturing a few magical memories. 

All Photographs: © 2017 Oxford Haus
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