Smokey Mo's / by DM Heebner

If I've learned anything over the last 4 years in Austin it's that Texans love two things: Texas and BBQ. Growing up in New York a BBQ meant hamburgers, hot dogs, and spiedies. It didn't really matter if the grill was charcoal or gas, whatever you had was good enough. It took almost no time to learn that BBQ in Texas is a far cry from what I'm used to and is, in fact, a sacred, time-honored, regionally specific craft. The first morning, after buying my home in Austin, I woke up to the smell of one of my new neighbors smoking a brisket at six in the morning. I've since learned that another neighbor is on a competitive barbecue team. As a former vegetarian I could tell I had a lot to learn.

I recently took a new step in my BBQ education by doing a photo shoot for Smokey Mo's. Opening their first location in Cedar Park, Texas in 2000, the Melchor family has since launched a number restaurants across central Texas. If you're ever in the area, stop by and get a glance at how a family that's been in the BBQ business since 1962 is sharing the love and flavors of their craft. 

All Photographs: © 2017 Oxford Haus
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