Georgetown Art Center / by DM Heebner

I’m a firm believer that the arts are an extremely important component to any community, especially small communities. The arts provide an avenue of culture, education, discussion and experiences that can range from political to purely artistic, displayed in everything from poetry to painting to photography to the theatre. There’s really no limit to how impactful the arts can be to a city or town. The arts draw people together and foster creative expression. The arts can also push boundaries and create safe spaces for exploration and community.

Last weekend I had the opportunity to photograph the Bubbles & Brew Fundraiser at the Georgetown Art Center in Texas. I have the privilege of serving on the Board of Directors at the center so this was an event that was very important to me and my community. The event was beautifully organized and executed by a team of volunteers led by Susie Flatau. I was incredibly impressed by what they put together. The rooms were filled with people from all over the community enjoying art, music and food and helping raise money for this beloved non-profit.

Enjoy a little tour of the evening and, if you ever find yourself in Georgetown, TX, stop on in and enjoy some art (it’s free!).